Dec 12, 2017 #FlaxFAQ: Which is healthier – flaxseed or chia seed?

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Q. Which is healthier – flaxseed or chia seed?
A: Chia seed is a whole grain that has been used by humans for centuries. Like flaxseed, chia seeds are high in dietary fibre and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), with over 50% of its oil content being ALA. The below table shows the nutrient content of chia seed and flaxseed from the Canadian Nutrient File. On a weight basis, flaxseed is higher in omega-3 fatty acids (from ALA) and protein, whereas chia seed is higher in total dietary fibre. Flaxseed is a richer source of lignans than chia, which act as potent antioxidants in the body. The large body of research showing the heart-health benefits of flaxseed has led Health Canada to approve a health claim for flaxseed. No such claims have been approved for chia. Both seeds are healthy additions to your diet, though flaxseed may have some unique advantages.