February 19, 2016 March is Nutrition Month-Take a 100 Meal Journey!

Source: Linda Gilmour Kessler, RD   |  Category: Health & Nutrition

March is Nutrition Month – Take a 100 Meal Journey!

Every month we eat about 100 meals!  March is Nutrition Month and this year Dietitians of Canada is encouraging you to Take a 100 Meal Journey by making small changes to improve your health, one meal and snack at a time. 

HealthyFlax.org is proud to partner as a Nutrition Month Factsheet Sponsor with Dietitians of Canada. Each week of the campaign there will be a factsheet with tips, strategies and ideas to help you make small, positive changes to your meals and snacks. 

Week 1 – Get Ready 

Take a pledge and join the 100 Meal Journey throughout March. Choose a small, nutrition goal to work on throughout Nutrition Month and beyond. 

Week 2 – Quality Counts! 

This week focuses on making food decisions that support your goals, such as cooking more meals at home, choosing healthy foods and substituting ingredients. 

Week 3 – Prioritize Portion Size! 

This week provides strategies for selecting realistic portion sizes during your 100 Meal Journey. 

Week 4 – Try Something New! 

Because taste is the number one reason for food choice, this week focuses on nourishing meal and snack ideas that are delicious! 

Week 5 – Make It Stick! 

The tips in this week will equip your with strategies help make your healthy eating stick! 

Apps to Help You in Your 100 Meal Journey:

Dietitians of Canada has several helpful apps:

  • eaTracker helps you set goals, track habits and get feedback along the way. 
  • Cookspiration! has hundreds of dietitian-approved recipes to suit your mood and schedule. 
  • eaTipster gives you new dietitian-approved tips every day to motivate you to stick with your small change! 

Adapted from The Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month Campaign Materials. Find more information about Nutrition Month at: www.nutritionmonth2016.ca